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Graphic Design & Illustration

The design manifesto poster was created to showcase the principles of sustainability with industry professionals as our target audience. The overall challenge for this project was to showcase and apply design principles (layout, grids, colours), typography, illustration and copywriting.

My main focus for this manifesto is how sustainability starts with a conversation. Through the use of illustrations, I showcased this theme with dialogue bubbles scattered throughout the poster.

Although it was a challenge writing a manifesto that was easy to understand while incorporating the principles of sustainability, I thoroughly enjoyed being able to apply the various design principles and skills I've acquired through my studies.

The following is the body copy of the manifesto:


Sustainability starts with a conversation.


Anytime anyone exudes a level of influence over a group, they have a duty to use that power for good. As designers, we have the social responsibility to actively initiate and participate these conversations. Whether it concerns environmental, social, cultural or economic issues, we must attempt to provide a platform promoting sustainable diversity.


Design is all around us. Almost every element of our environment has been created by someone to either serve a purpose or elicit a response. Our work serves as one of the first points of contact to members of our community, an invitation to an open dialogue.


If we lead by example and take into consideration sustainable practices at every level of our profession, we can encourage others to integrate sustainable principles, make environmentally responsible design decisions and to improve quality of life where all members of society can flourish.


Sustainability does not rest on one individual’s shoulders, but is shared amongst everybody within the community. As designers, we must use our influence to promote a sustainable platform for dialogue. All it takes to start something big is to simply get people talking.

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